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Person-Centered Support

Community Choice provides Residential Services and Personal Care Attendant Services to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who wish to live in the community. As an approved provider by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, most services may be covered by Medicaid Waiver. With Community Choice, consumers and families have the security of knowing they are being supported by staff who have been thoroughly screened and trained, and are qualified to work with individuals with developmental disabilities. Respect, safety, and individual potential are the guiding principles of our services to people with disabilities and their families or guardians.

Our employees have completed comprehensive pre-employment background checks, including:

* Family Care Safety Registry (Missouri)
* State Disqualification Lists for Adult and Child Abuse
* Criminal History
* Motor Vehicle Record
* Past Employment References

Our employees are trained in the following areas:

* Consumer Rights
* First Aid and CPR
* Recognition of, and Prevention of Abuse and Neglect
* Positive Behavior Support Principles
* Back Safety and Transfers
* Medication Administration (if required)
* Mandt or CPI (if required)
* Community Integration

Residential Services (ISL's)

Community Choice is approved to provide Individual Supported Living (ISL) services by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities. We are able to rely on our extensive pool of trained staff to meet the ongoing scheduling needs of consumers. Since we are in the unique situation of constantly recruiting and training staff to fill the needs of other providers in the community, we have staff available to fill emergency staffing needs for the consumers we serve.

Community Based Supports

As a Licensed Provider by the Missouri State Department of Mental Health, Community Choice, Inc. provides personalized services to individuals who have qualified to receive them through the state supported Waivers. Individuals and families participate in the selection of the staff to provide their services, giving individuals the flexibility to choose a staff who best meets their needs. We provide the following Waiver Services:

*Personal Assistance
*Individualized Skill Development
*Community Integration

We also provide Employment Services to individuals qualifying and interested in seeking employment, including:

*Career Planning
*Prevocational Services
*Job Development
*Supported Employment

Agency Staffing Services

Community Choice hires and trains direct support workers to work in the community with people with disabilities on an as-needed basis. These staffing services are specifically designed to meet the emergency scheduling and staffing needs of residential and day habilitation providers.

Recruiting and Placement Services

Our staffing services are cost-effective means for providers to recruit, train, and retain quality employees. These programs permit providers to try out workers before making a final hiring decision. Community Choice will recruit workers to meet specific agency needs and we assume all costs of recruitment and training. Candidates who are placed on an “as-needed” basis may become employees of the agency after a short transition period. In most instances, this method of recruiting and training staff is less expensive than what agencies might spend on their own.


Traditional methods of seeking employment are difficult and ineffective for many people. Community Choice, Inc. provides Employment Services to assist individuals interested in finding a job. Our trained employment support professionals, contracted with the Division of Developmental Disabilities, provide the following services:

Career Planning – Assistance in helping the individual identify talents, skills, abilities, interests, and needs for achieving employment.
Prevocational Services – Helping the individual begin developing the fundamental skills and work experiences necessary to prepare for employment.
Job Development – Conducting outreach to businesses in an effort to identify the right employer match for an individual’s unique interests and preferences.
Supported Employment – Assistance provided on the job site to help with refining job performance and developing workplace supports,