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why work for us?


Organizational Structure

Our Organizational Structure supports a management philosophy that is employee centered.

Our Employees

Literally the employee is in the center of our organizational chart (see the next page), for we consider them our most important resource. Imagine an upside down pyramid, with management at the bottom supporting or holding up the employees, who in turn are responsible for supporting or holding up the people receiving services. Management is there to provide the employees with what they need to complete their job responsibilities, just as the employees are there to provide individuals with what they need to live a safe and meaningful life.

Success Environment

Our priority is making sure an employee is successful in their job. As in the support described above, we strive to provide an employee every opportunity, and the resources needed for their success. Sometimes this includes identifying what environment, and what types of individuals would be the best match for an employee, and what type of person would be the best match to spend time with an individual.


On-Call telephone support is available 24/7, in case of emergencies.


We recognize commitment, and offer a sound benefit package to employees working Full Time positions. The benefits include Paid Time Off, Paid Holiday Time, Employer Sponsored Health Insurance and Retirement Plans.